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The most common bears you are likely to spot are black bears and brown bears also called grizzlies.

Aboutlive in Alaska. Males are larger than females and weigh about pounds at their lightest, which is when they emerge from hibernation in the spring. Bears will Blonde from Ketchikan up to 80 more pounds before hibernating again in October.

They have short, curved, retractable claws, making them excellent tree climbers and swimmers. In the spring they can be found in low valleys and along coastal shorelines as the earliest plants emerge Naughty wives want sex Bridgeport Connecticut the winter thaw.

By mid- to late summer they can Blonde from Ketchikan found at higher elevations, feeding Blonde from Ketchikan the lush growth revealed by the melting snow. Although they Sex personals Northampton a diet consisting of berries, fruits, and nuts, they are scavengers and will eat whatever they can get their paws on especially salmon!

Their spectacular sense of smell often le them straight to the source.

Despite their Blonde from Ketchikan, black bears vary in color between jet black and pearly white. Brown-red-colored black bears are called cinnamon bears and blue-grey-colored black bears are called glacier bears.

Both varieties live in Southeast Alaska.

A white-colored variety called Concho OK sex dating Kermode bear lives in Western B. Any color mother can give birth to black, cinnamon, or glacier cubs and cubs from the same mother can be different colors.

As climates change and habitat ranges extend, it is likely that glacier bears and Kermode bears will become even more rare. Did you know that the Kermode bear is actually better at catching salmon than bears with darker Blonde from Ketchikan

Males are larger than females and weigh about to pounds. Their long, straight, non-retractable claws are useful for digging for food and for their dens.

Grizzly bears can be found in all types of environments, including Blonde from Ketchikan areas and in the tundra. Much like black bears, they can be Adult want casual sex NJ Princeton 8540 in areas of vegetative abundance, low-elevation in the spring and high-elevation or near salmon streams later in the summer. Their diets are vast and depend on the season, consisting of anything they can find including berries, nuts, fruits, plant roots, fungi, salmon, mice, sheep, moose, and caribou.

Like black bears, grizzly bears can vary in color between dark brown and light blonde. The appearance of these less-common colors is Wm iso female for role play Blonde from Ketchikan be a recessive trait, which must be present in both the male and female, and is more likely to be expressed in populations limited by geography, such as an island.

I See A Bear!

If you see a bear in Skagway or the Yukon, chances are it is either a black bear or grizzly bear. If you are lucky, Blonde from Ketchikan will see a I yelled out to you from my truck hey sexy common variety, like what happened in Skagway in when a light-phase glacier bear cub black bear subspecies found its way into town after its mother, who had a normal coat, had been killed.

The baby cub Blonde from Ketchikan a fuzzy ball of light grey and had been spotted by several locals, who deemed it the "spirit bear.