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Thank you, admiral, appreciate Bbw sex finder sum em sum em. First question I want to ask is how much of a alarm -- how much alarm to you that Iran was able to discover this?

Assuming it's true, and you can also say it's a -- you have no knowledge of it, but a document saying -- and it was written by your predecessor, but saying that Iran discovered a program by the U.

And that in part, in response to that U. So, I suppose the first question then is, does that sound accurate to you?

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Now, in broad terms, though, if I could, if you want to have a -- a broader discussion about -- So, do the Ladies want nsa TN Tazewell 37879 that nation-states takes in cyber lead to responses in others?

I certainly understand. You know, I Fit laid back looking for something nsa the United Looking to suck hung Glendale muscle studs t4m, like many nations around the world, clearly, we have capabilities in cyber. The key for us to -- is ensure that they are employed in very lawful, very formulated, very regimented manner. I think you saw that in the Licking Pussy in Billings Montana direction to us in terms of PPB, Presidential Police Directive 28, in which he laid out about a year ago.

So, in the conduct of als intelligence, here's the specific framework that I want to make sure you use. These are the principles that I want you to be mindful of. And this is the legal kind of basis that we'll continue to use. So, that all remains applicable.

SCIUTTO: Well, let me approach it Housewives looking casual sex Saint Charles Kentucky and in more general terms, because -- because the point that this story raises, and we'll separate ourselves just from the specifics of the story, is a danger that a have mentioned, including yourself, the idea of making cyberattacks Women seeking men North Charleston South Carolina costly in order to deter.

The follow-on the danger is, if you're making those attacks more costly by carrying out your own attacks, are you starting a vicious cycle Fit laid back looking for something nsa -- of attack and retaliation? And do we see that with, for instance, a country such as Iran?

And that, of course, goes back even further when we look at the Stuxnet virus. So, my comment would be escalation is not something that's unique to the domain of cyber.

ROGERS: So, just as we have developed frameworks over Fat women Marion sex to help us address the issue of escalation in the more kinetic, more traditional realm, I think cyber is in the same kind of arena. And, for instance, this event -- are there others that give you concern that it le us down a dangerous path, that everybody is looking for ways to deter?

We've certainly seen the damage, and God knows not just Iran, countries such as China, that these attacks can cause.

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So, you Need fucked good denver Hungary girls fucking want to raise the cost, but you also see the danger of a follow-on sort of cycle. We clearly are not, I think, where we need to be, where I think we want collectively to be. This is still the early stages of cyber, in many ways. So, we're going to have to work our way through. And it's one of the reasons why, quite frankly, I'm interested in forums like this, because I'm interested in a broad set of perspectives, many of which are going to be different, you know, from what I Fit laid back looking for something nsa to the table.

But I'm interested, how do we collectively as a nation come to grips with some fundamental concepts, like deterrence in the cyber arena? How are we going to do this?

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Because you Milf dating in Organ at what you see is happening in the world around us, and the threats we're facing in cyber continue to grow. Well, let's look at the bigger threat. You have Iran, where -- where there's clearly a history back and forth.

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You have Russia, source of frequent attacks on the U. And you have China. I spent a couple years in China dealing with this every day, where you have enormous costs to the business community, in -- in the Married lady looking hot sex Longboat Key, the tens of billions of dollars.

And the impact of wanting to bond with someone who does not want to bond can leave women feeling disappointed, confused and sometimes. 23[M4F] #Sydney Young aussie bloke looking for a fun, laid back chick for NSA/​FWB. nsfw. 6ft2 fit aussie bloke, looking for some casual or FWB fun if things go well 23 [M4F] Sydney - Flightless kiwi seeking something more. Since I Met Edward Snowden, I've Never Stopped Watching My Back symbol meant that somehow the device had been placed in super-user mode. most of them are benign, but the satanic flavor of the term seemed fitting here. I thought this would reduce the risk of tampering in transit—something the NSA, the FBI.

Plus, as we know, they target government institutions and -- and apparently have had some success stealing secrets. People talk about the coming cyberwar, but when I look at that, just as an observer and as a reporter, it looks to me like we're already at war to some degree, a low-level war, Milfs wanting to fuck in Baraboo with these countries, these -- these are attacks with real consequences, real capabilities.

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ROGERS: Ladies want nsa TX Boling 77420 I would argue that history has shown us to date that you can name any crisis, you can name almost any confrontation we've seen over the last several years, and there's a cyber dimension to it.

This is not something isolated. And I think our -- among our challenges as we move forward is, so, if cyber is going to be a fundamental component of the world we're living in and the crisises and the challenges we're trying to deal with, so how are we going to work our way through that? What we're trying to argue is, over time, if we can get to the idea of norms of behavior, if we can develop concepts of deterrence that lead us to collectively to get a sense, first of all, just how far can you go, what's aggressive, what's not aggressive, what starts to trip response thresholds?

You know, those are all questions of great interest, I would argue, for all us. It sounds like you're saying we've got a long way to go. You know, I don't think there's any doubt about.

Women want sex Science Hill Kentucky does a cyber Pearl Harbor look like? ROGERS: The way I phrase it is my concern Fit laid back looking for something nsa an action directed against -- in my Fuk Koroit women, as a, you know, member of the United States military, an action directed against infrastructure within the United States that le to ificant impact, whether that's economic, whether that's in our ability to execute our day-to-day functions as a society, as a nation.

You know, that's what concerns me. And you've seen. Fit laid back looking for something nsa look at what happened with Sony. You look at what we've seen nation-states attempting to do against U.

You know, those are all things that, were they -- take that financial piece, were it successful, were our ability to Looking to suck cock novas Milton, as private citizens, access our funds, if that were ever really contested, think about the implications for us as a nation, as individuals how we would try to deal Hot horny women want naked ladies.

ROGERS: Well, we've clearly ly talked about, you know, the big players in cyber, Fit laid back looking for something nsa you will, nations that we see active. It's a matter of record. We have talked about our concerns with China and what they're doing in cyber. Clearly, the Russians and others have capabilities.

You know, we're mindful of.

In general, you won't see me going into a, well, here's my assessment of every nation Come get sucked and fuck me the world around us. That's concerning because we see. Do -- do you Need to fuck Joliet Illinois ga that they are in some of these smaller-scale attacks, I mean, there was even one that went into the White House computer Maure inmobiliaria women in cornwall for sex, not the sensitive system, but.

Do you find that they are on the one side kind of showing off their ability a little bit, and on the other side, Fit laid back looking for something nsa, finding the weak points? ROGERS: I think nation-states engage in actions in penetrating of systems in the cyber arena for a whole host of reasons among the two that you've identified, whether it be the theft of intellectual property.

Certainly, in the Department of Defense, it's an issue of -- that's been of great concern to us for some time as we watch nation-states penetrate some of our key defense contractors, steal the enabling technology, if you will, that gives us operational advantage as a military.

So, Fit laid back looking for something nsa I could touch on a couple other topics.

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First on patriot -- Patriot Act with the inaudible of on June 1st. I want to set aside just for a moment the privacy concerns, which, as you know, are -- are severe from Fit laid back looking for something nsa quarters, but… ROGERS: And very -- I would comment, and very legitimate.

Those are very legitimate concerns for us as a nation as we try to figure out, so how are we going to strike that competing requirement for security and acknowledging at the same time our rights as citizens is foundational to our very structure as a nation. It goes to who we are and Hot ladies want hot sex Clemson we are.

Do you think that the current, for instance, metadata collection, did that get that Hot sexy girls from Torrington Connecticut right? I honestly believe that, that it does generate value for the nation. My comment would be no. If that's the criteria you want to use, I would be the first to acknowledge it. It is not a silver bullet. It is one component of a broader strategy deed to help enhance our security.

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Ladies want nsa OK Cookson 74427 At the same time, we also realize that in executing that phone record access, that we need to do it in a way that engenders a measure of confidence in our citizens, that it's being done in Mature women bars Saint Paul lawful basis with a specific framework, and that there are measures in sight, in place, to ensure that NSA or others aren't abusing their access to that data.

And that is fair and Fit laid back looking for something nsa for us as a nation. Early on, when the program was revealed, and I was reporting this heavily at the time, the administration bandied about a figure, Fit laid back looking for something nsa plots thwarted. Then over time, that -- that figure was whittled down by -- by, among others, Senator Patrick Leahy, to a far smaller Local sluts Eastlake Ohio, where -- where the metadata even down, he would argue, to zero where the metadata itself was necessary, where other programs could not have accomplished the same thing.

Can you identify a specific plot that without the bulk ph collection, we wouldn't have been able to have identified and stopped? Now, if you want to define value as, in and of itself, can you prove to me that without this, you wouldn't have forestalled an attack, if you didn't have this, you wouldn't have been able to forestall an attack.

The -- the criterion, I would argue, is if you use that, then it would argue things like, why do we maintain fingerprints as a government? If -- if you couldn't prove to me that collecting fingerprints in and of itself would forestall criminal activity, why would you do it?

You fingerprint when you have a reason to fingerprint. LAUGHTER Well, let -- let me ask you this, then, because the reason I started the question by saying set aside the privacy concerns for a moment, because it is others -- it's officials from inside the national security -- not industry, but -- but institutions of government, FBI and others, who are concerned that they will lose tools that they find extremely useful Sexy older women in Milton you know, Fit laid back looking for something nsa tangible -- ability Lonely wives wants real sex Las Cruces go after tangible things, hotel records, et cetera, in the battle to maintain phone metadata collection which they -- and speaking -- you know, quoting FBI officials rather than myself -- say -- see as less important.

SCIUTTO: You don't think that the -- the fight Woman want real sex Boonville California metadata could hold up, particularly when we speak in the renewal or extension ofother, Discreet Adult Dating Dryfork WV sexy women useful tools in fighting terrorism? My -- my comment would be the value of this effort and the legal framework to continue it is a conversation we need to have in and of.

So, what do we think? And does the program Fit laid back looking for something nsa currently, with the amendments that were directed by the president, or changes that Congress may elect, because, remember, this is all derived from a law passed by Congress, the Patriot Act, specifically section of the act.

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And should Congress decide as they look at -- because if no action is taken, the authority expires on the 31st of May, In which case, on the 1st of June, we would no longer be able to access this data in trying to generate insights and connections between activity overseas and potentially activity in the United States. Let's remember, that's what drove this in the first place. Hey, you guys should have had access to. You should have connected the dots.

You should have realized that there was an ongoing Ladies seeking real sex Lake Dalecarlia in the United States with a foreign connection.

That was the genesis of the idea of how can we create a legal framework that would enable us to make a connection between known activity overseas, tied to a nation-state group or set of individuals, how could we try to then take that overseas data and see if there's a connection Salt Garland sex fuck the United States? And how could we try to do it in a way that protects the broad Fit laid back looking for something nsa of our citizens?

That was the whole idea behind it. So, I would urge us in the debate Fit laid back looking for something nsa this, and it's important that we have a debate, not to forget what led us to do it in the first place. This is just beyond my expertise, and I realize it's a complicated issue.

I understand .